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I created this site after taking the Build Websites from Scratch with HTML & CSS from I have wanted to learn HTML and CSS for many years and never seemed to have the time to learn. I tried on my own at different points in my life and never really learned more than how to copy and paste a few code snippets. The course at Udemy instructed by Brad Hussey walked me through the basics to get me started on creating my own sites and onto some more advanced topics. This is my first site after completing the course.You can find more about here.

To be honest, I have tried third-party site builder software on a couple of different occasions. The ones that provide a template and you add the content you want. I never found a template that I really liked. Learning HTML and CSS allows me to be creative and to understand the coding necessary to create website presentations. I am just starting out and this is the first site I have created from scratch. I am enjoying the process and realize that there is much more to learn. For me, the joy is in the learning.

When I first started school for IT I had a choice to make. Do I take web design or network administration? I chose the latter, but I still had the itch to learn web design. It took me a while to get to this point, but I am glad I am here. I can now create my own site and, with the network administration background, host it on my own servers. That is progress for me.