Spring Arbor University

Spring Arbor had a good reputation from the people that went on from Stautzenberger to pursue their Bachelor’s degree. The credits that I earned from Stautzenberger were classified as national and they are not as transferrable as credits received from a regionally accredited institution. However, Spring Arbor would take those credits and I could earn a regionally accredited degree from them. It was a win-win for me. I could transform my credits, earn a bachelor’s degree, and round out my technical degree from Stautzenberger with a business degree.

I look back at my time with Spring Arbor with fondness. I met some great people and I learned about the science of business. It was hard working and going to classes at night. With the support of my wife I was able to finish the curriculum and graduate magna cum laude. I am thankful for the knowledge gained and I feel that it has been an asset for both me and my employer.