It has been said that we should enjoy the journey not the destination. I believe that to be true. I have always tried to better myself through education. Whether its learning to play guitar, studying a martial art, or attending training for the latest topic I am interested in. I will never truly arrive at a point where I am completely satisfied. I will always want to learn more and achieve more. It can be a double-edged sword because I can never truly set back and relax and enjoy my accomplishments. That is because, for me, the joy is in the struggle. The struggle to learn. The struggle to better myself. Without self-improvement I am listless and discontent.

Brad Atherton

This does not mean that I am an unhappy person. Quite the opposite. However, what I have learned about myself is that the thing I enjoy most, outside of spending time with my family, is learning. The education that I have received in my life is the key to changing the environment around me. Education has changed my viewpoint, my attitude, and improved my financial circumstances. Sure, I have had help in the past and I am grateful for it. But, the biggest transformations in my life have occurred when I have had a good teacher and I was open to the lessons. I can only hope that one day I can help another as others have helped me.

Tired of the direction of my life and bored with my current job, I decided to branch out into IT. I was a third generation factory rat at one of the big three. But, 30 and out was not what I wanted. That isn't to say I am not grateful for the opportunity to have had a well paying job and being able to provide for my family. I just wanted something more for myself. I was fortunate to take a course on building your own PC and from there my interest was stoked. Although, I must say, I was always interested in computers. But, as I look back, taking that course was a turning point for me.