Educational experience

Educational path of a non-traditional student


I have not always worked in IT. I have had a couple of changes in careers and started my current career path later in life. For me it was a very hard field to get into. However, education is the key to the door. I was able to open that door a crack with my first IT degree from Stautzenberger college. In my experience, education has been the great equalizer in my career. It has helped me to bridge the experience gap. Experience counts for so much and education alone will not take the place of experience. However, education can be used as a tool to help minimize the negatives when you have no experience at all.

More than that. If you continue your education, you may find that you start to surpass those who have twice as much career experience as you that are not interested in learning new things. This is because education and experience can be a potent combination that can help propel your career to higher levels. So, as you continue to show up each day and gain experience the only way you can, minute by minute, be sure that you are also continuing to grow and learn. Experience is king, but do not underestimate the disciplined learner.

List of Degrees

Associate in Applied Business, Network Systems Administration

My first college degree. This degree helped me to enter the IT field. Read more →

Bachelor of Science in Business

I wanted to pursue my education after Stautzenberger and Spring Arbor seemed like a good. Read more →

Master of Science in Information Security and Assurance

I had a deep interest in the subject matter and a determination to take my education one step further.Read more →

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