• I have hosted my own domain from home since 2008. Currently hosting three domains and accepting email from two.
  • Have hosted Exchange from home since 2008. Migrated from Exchange 2007 to 2010 to the currently installed version of 2013.
  • Brought up SharePoint 2016 Enterprise on a Windows 2016 server with MSSQLServer 2016 Standard on a separate Windows 2016 server all running on Hyper-V.
  • Implemented a VDI server using Hyper-V and utilizing RemoteFX with a Windows 10 client.
  • Configured dual boot Nexus tablet with Kali NetHunter for fun.
  • Programmed Raspberry Pis to act as alarm clocks, webservers, and an Amazon Echo.
  • Implemented Nginx on CentOS to host website in an effort to branch out from Windows, which is used to host this website from my home.
  • Gaming system builds since 1998.
  • Constantly taking online classes for subjects that interest me.
  • Built an autonomous drone and Hexapod.


  • Improved disaster recovery process by updating enterprise backup solution for all TWB sites. This tripled the data storage capacity and was completed within a budget of $135,000.
  • Grew IT infrastructure to meet business needs. This included the addition of three more TWB sites supporting 30 million dollars’ worth of production lines.
  • Delivered on-time refresh for the majority of systems at all four TWB Mexico plant locations within a $250,000 budget.
  • Reduced downtime with the addition of redundant firewalls for corporate headquarters. These next generation firewalls also increased TWB's security posture.
  • Led replacement of TWB's aging SAN and server infrastructure. Increasing capacity for network storage, scalability, up-time, and performance within a budget of $160,000.
  • Implemented SCCM infrastructure for deployment, patching, imaging, and application packaging. This server played a key role in Windows 7 migration for all desktops.
  • Redesigned plant floor network reducing downtime. Following the concept of CPwE each line was given its own VLAN and switch. This task was completed within a budget of $150,000.
  • Expanded TWB infrastructure with the addition of a collocated production line. This five-million-dollar line was implemented within the Nissan assembly plant in Smyrna, TN.
  • Designed and implemented data center for a newly constructed $4.5 million LEED-certified UWGT building and 211 call center.
  • Responsible for purchasing all IT equipment and services for the new building. Including $75,000 PBX installation, $50,000 in audio/visual equipment, infrastructure cabling, etc.
  • Improved service levels for IT support raising standards and implementing process improvements.
  • Maximized security posture of UWGT by improving security solutions and employee awareness.
  • Designed and implemented terminal server farm to host business applications for three call centers.