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I consider myself a true technology enthusiast. I am fascinated with the wizardry of the IT field. It is amazing to me that electrical currents on a copper line or flashes of light in a fiber optics cable are capable of sending data from one geographically diverse region to the next.

Brad Atherton

I have a true passion for learning and I am in awe of the modern day wealth of information that we have at our fingertips. At no other time in our recorded history on this planet have we had so much knowledge at our command. The answer to almost any question is out there and available in cyberspace and we only need to ask. This wealth of information and openness is transforming societal rules and our laws. Cyberspace has created a community that is not defined by any one government or people. The web has been cast worldwide and we are all in its net. It is up to us, the web users, on how we define its use and rules.

My road in the IT field has not been without its challenges. As a mentor once said to me, “finding a job in IT is like trying to catch a bus that is going 85 miles an hour”. You have to jump, hold on, and hope for the best. I am thankful to those who went before me and helped me to enter into this field. I have read that to be happy you should find something you love to do and learn how to make money doing it. I am happy today, in part, because I work in a field that I love.

Not only can I learn and grow as a person with my chosen career path, I can help others as well. It is a joy for me to be of service to others. The fact that I can help someone with an issue, make somebody’s job a little easier, help to improve business processes, increase system efficiency, or implement systems that improve productivity brings me great satisfaction.

My quest will continue. My knowledge will increase. However, I hope that my passion never subsides. It is my goal to always improve and always strive for that next level. It is not money or power that I seek, it is progress.